The Rift

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The Rift (2012) Online HD For decades they have been watching us. Studying us. What are they? Nobody knows. Nobody but Ivan Petrenko Karkarov. The Russian physicist began studying a phenomenon which has been occurring for several decades. In 1982 he found an answer to the strange phenomenon but before he could tell anyone he mysteriously vanished. 30 years later, in a suburb of Los Angeles, Dean Hollister seems to be a normal guy until strange radar anomalies start to appear throughout the world. All of a sudden something starts to happen in the sky, black rifts appear. Something is moving behind those rifts.


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  1. Andrei says:

    Ati gresit filmu:)) acesta se cheama RIFT si e din 2011 si nu The Rift(2012)

  2. catalin says:

    gresit filmul nu corespunde cu secventele de pe youtube ar fi super daca ati puneo pe ceeea din 2012 thanks

  3. Diana says:

    va contrazic pe amandoi…este exact filmul care trebuie.chiar acum l-am vazut pe un site strain si are acelasi titlu,acelasi trailer si film ca cel prezentat aici

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